The UKBFTOG story...

Why was UKBFTOG created? 

The UKBFTOG community was created to help women of colour find other women of colour in the photography industry. The Photography industry is dominated by men, so it was extremely difficult to find other individuals like ourselves, who can relate to our experiences as black women. Being the only black female photographer in a room of your peers can feel very lonely and intimidating but we no longer have to feel like this because of the UKBFTOG community. 

In December 2017 a fellow UK Black Female Photographer Jemella owner of Mellz Photography LTD realised that after 8 years of being in the photography industry, she only knew of four other Black Female photographers in the UK. She decided to put a social media call-out for others like her and the response was amazing. Her social media notifications went crazy and the UK Black Female Photographers Community (UKBFTOG) was birthed. 

Currently, we have a private Facebook community group of over 200 ladies, which continues to grow. We also have a following on Twitter and Instagram alongside a mailing list that we use to connect with individuals who do not have Facebook.


We do regular meetups for the ladies and they range from educational gatherings to social ones. We also make a conscious effort to attend photography conventions as we have found that most of our community were unaware of them. In June 2019, we launched a co-working day which takes place every two weeks on a Thursday, at different locations. 

December 2019 will mark  2 years since the UKBFTOG community was created and it is just getting bigger and bigger. Without all the ladies contributing to the community, whether that is sharing meetups, attending meetups, posting in our facebook group etc. there would be no community. So we just want to thank you to the UK Black Female Photographers that have contributed so far and welcome to those who are just about to begin.

If you are UK Black Female Photographer we can't wait to connect with you, here are the ways you can:

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